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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Secrets Of Arousing A Woman - Part 3

Why it's good you studied sine and cosine waves in High School And once you've kissed - STOP. That's right. Go back to the fun you were having like nothing happened. She'll wonder what the hell's going on.

Of course, you know you're just TEASING her. By pushing forward and then stepping back, you're increasing the sexual tension. Suddenly SHE'S the one thinking about sex - not in the serious Could-I-Marry-Him way, but in the Does-He-Like-Me? way. When you fill in your next silence with another kiss, you should take it a little further. Then draw back a bit. And then take it a bit further.

See where this is going?

You want to ratchet up the sexual tension until she is WANTING to go further, faster than you're going. Keep playful. Make her beg (not in a mean way - remember, this should be FUN for BOTH of you). Before you know it, you'll both be naked and putting the lambada to shame.

If you go too fast and she is uncomfortable, back off a bit and build her up. The key is making sure she WANTS the next step before you get there. This means taking your time. Go slow. Pay attention to all the parts of her body (the erogenous zone is anywhere on the body, as long as you take your time and stimulate it).

Surprise her now and again - give her a tickle when she expects a caress. Peck her cheek and lean back when she expects a french kiss. Ever-so-slowly undress her, but when her bra is off, say "Oh, you look cold"playfully and put her cardigan over her shoulders and lean back with a mischievous grin.

Get it?
You're only Man.
Now this isn't as easy to practice until you're regularly getting women in your bedroom, so I'm going to give you an odd exercise here to simulate the control you need. Remember when you've been masturbated by an experienced woman, or imagine being masturbated by one. Many of us know this feeling, so we might as well use it.

She moves forward with your arousal - but then stops or slows down. She doesn't just go with the usual linear build to a crescendo. Instead, she takes her time to go in waves, with each crest a bit higher than the last. When she finally gets you to orgasm, chances are it'll be better than the usual. That's how you want to treat her.

The ladies will thank you for taking the time to enjoy the moment, instead of simply aiming for the splat. Enjoy this knowledge, because not only is it the key to properly arousing her, but it's the key to great sex as well. Use it wisely. If you want to learn more about the keys to making yourself into the most incredible lover she's ever had, then you'll want to check out

- End -
Cya Guys Soon, All The Best!

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Secrets Of Arousing A Woman‏ - Part 2

Listen, OBVIOUSLY you want to score. If you didn't, you wouldn't go to the trouble of wooing this lady, or setting the right mood, or reading this book even.

But you can't let that be your OBVIOUS DIRECT goal when you're in the process. You need to concentrate on the PROCESS, and your GOAL should be as slick as you can.

Do that, and yeah, the sex will come (woohoo!), but if all you worry about is the sex that gets telegraphed to your lady in the worst possible way. So, again, RELAXED playfulness is the key. While you are sexually cuing her you don't want it to be overtly SEXUAL, as we've discussed before. You want it to be FUN.

The mistake most men make when they try to turn up the notch is they suddenly get too SERIOUS. Think about it. Imagine yourself in a first kiss. How often are either of you smiling as you go into it in your head? Admit it. Not much. Most likely your imagination has you both laughing, catching each others' eye, sobering up with a soulful look, and then a lustful lip-lock.

Listen, it can work that way. Just like people can fall in love at first sight. However, when you get SERIOUS at this crucial moment you cause her to think SERIOUSLY about it. Suddenly she's switched into "Is he mate material?" mode and, unless you've got a deep spiritual connection going, she's gonna have some doubts.

You don't want doubts. You don't want all those somber questions floating around. Hell, it's just a kiss! Stop treating it like a life-long pairing. Keep it RELAXED.
Keep it PLAYFUL. Keep it FUN.

So no, don't be brave about the kiss. If it takes that much bravado, you've already built it up too much. Treat it like you've been there before. Like a natural extension of the fun you're having. And not like you're entering some new chapter in a saga, but just part of the path.

Trust me, this works.

To Be Continue - Part 3
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Secrets Of Arousing Women - Part 1

Going forward, and back, and making her want it. Sometimes the kiss is harder to get to than others - but you can still find it if you know how to act. And once you've started arousing her, finding sexual fulfillment is simple matter of staying PLAYFUL.

Finding the Elusive Kiss

So you've been touching your lady in a non-threatening, playful, and sexually stimulating way. You're ready to go (natch), and she seems into you, but for whatever reason, the CHANCE never seems to come.

The kiss-me look never quite materializes, or it comes at just the wrong time (her cell phone rings, for example). She's shy and never gives you a good head-to-head look from which you can lean into it (and twisting around her craned neck is NOT sexy). Whatever. It happens.

What can you do?
Well, one thing that works all by itself almost ALWAYS is this:

Take Control

Gently but firmly take hold of her chin between your thumb and index finger. Move her head to face you. Think sex scene in a movie. Chances are she'll melt then and there and you won't have to say a thing.

HOWEVER, sometimes you'll have a woman who wants to PROVE just how strong she is, or how cool she is, or she'll just be so nervous that she'll actually pull away slightly even though she WANTS to be kissed.

What do you do? Be straightforward: say "Do you want me to kiss you?" If she says yes or nothing, just do it. If she says maybe, say "Let's find out." and do it. And if she says no - unlikely given the build-up you've gone through to get here - say "I didn't say you could - you just looked like you had something on your mind." in a playful teasing tone. Don't act let down - you were just PLAYING with her. Get it? Wow, that was easy. Be bold by not caring You need to be BOLD here - although bold isn't the right word. Bold suggests you are doing something DESPITE doubting yourself or the result. It suggests a bravery that you want to erase. WHAT?!! I don't want you to be BRAVE? That's right. I want you not to care.

To be continue Part 2...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First date, First Kiss! - Part 1

Hey guys, just want to share some of my recent success stories with dating girls...

Recently, I had dated 3 different girls.

So, you guys must be thinking what so proud about that!

Well, Is nothing proud actually... Is just that:

Out of 3 girls.. I manage to kiss 2 of them on the first date. Wow!

How about that?

The first one, Name A, 28 years old from other state in my country. She came to my town for her company annual dinner. Well we hangout at one of the happening pub & bistro near around my area. I knew her from the internet Zorpia network. All the while we just chatting on msn and sms each others.

OK.. straight to the point.. That night..was wonderful.. I am doing some cocky and funny chatting with her.. attaching some nice touch on her body.. stroking her hair, pinching her arms, and the next thing i remember is we are dancing in the dance first she was abit shy.. but i take care of that.. holding her hands.. dancing, turn her on steps by step.. holding her waist.. playing around on her waist.. hugging her, smile on her.. eye to eye contact.. finally.. cuddling.. and she was turn on and putting her hands over my shoulder.. and i lean on her and give her the magic kiss.. until she asking for more :P

Well guys, lots of my friends besides me asking
"you 2 is couple right? i said.. well.. Nope.."

But How come?

Well You should find it out at:
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Oh Ya.. I'll continue my success story with the 2nd girls later... promise..
(I got to get back to my work.. In the office right now :P)

Cya guys later...

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to make her CRAZY for you - Part 2

Angelion: Hey Guys... How was the previous tips? Have you use it?

Here are the second part of "How to make her CRAZY for you!" Enjoy :)

Example #4: Some women like to touch a guy while they talk.
When a woman touches you on the leg, say in a serious tone,
"May you stop touching my leg?" Then when she seems thrown
off, say "Well, if you want to touch me, I would enjoy it
even more if you would touch me a little bit closer..."

Example #5: Let's say you're cuddling or making out with her,
try to smell her neck, kiss her, etc but then SUDDENLY STOP.
She's going to be all hot and bothered and ask you what's
wrong, etc. She may even put her arms around you to
try you to get back to it. After a few seconds, start making
out with her again...but more fiercely this time. This is a
VERY good way to advance through her boundaries.

Example #6: Be unpredictable. While sitting on a bench on a
date, suddenly pull her up and then give her a hug. Then
you say "I just wanted to hug you." If she asks you why,
say "Cause I felt like it." playfully or "I wanted to see
if you'd feel good to hug." If she asks you if you think
she's good, just say "Well, I think I need a second
try first..."

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to make her Crazy For You! - Part 1

Hmmm.. How to make a woman get crazy for you? or even more...
* The answers is " Teasing "

What is " Teasing "?

1. Making fun of a girl playfully
2. Arousing her and then pulling back

Basically, is to give her a "mixed signal"
Keep her wondering if you like her or not with
your words and body language.

Example 1: Instead of telling her you like her, you say "you
really like me" in a teasing manner. If you say "I really like
you", she may reject you on the spot because if it's direct
and blatant. But if you say "You really like me" PLAYFULLY,
then you can get away with it because you're just joking.

You may also accuse her of hugging you or kissing you a lot.
And then you give her a hug or kiss back. This will leave her
wondering if you're really attracted to her or not. Women
love MINDGAMES. They love to pick petals off a rose and say,
"He loves me, he loves me not"

Example 2: You can make fun of something small about her
(don't overdo it though). For example, say one of her earlobes
is lower than the other PLAYFULLY. (Being PLAYFUL is the key)
She will probably go like "No it's not!" Then you look into her
eyes and say, "It's all right, you're still pretty."

Example #3: Give her a personal nickname or tease her about
something that is special to both of you. Like if something
funny or interesting happens while on a date, use it to your

(Angelion says.. I personally use the e.g.3. Is quite powerful..)

To be continue...

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Building "Connection" with a Woman - Part 2

Step two - Isolate Her from Her Friends

Once she’s giving you signs of interest, you'll want to get her AWAY from her friends.
While you needed to engage her entire group of friends to establish your social value, once you have it, her friends will actually HINDER the coming Bond and Connection phase of the seduction.

To establish that deep rapport of bond and connection, you'll need to get the girl ALONE and talk with her one-on-one.
Separating her from her friends is rather easy to accomplish.
First tell the Object of Your Desire (OYD), “Hey, I have the coolest thing I’ve just got to show you this…”

This is a curiosity hook. She’ll ask you, “What is it?”
Tell her that you can’t show her here… it’s too loud or that you need to show her in private.
Now she’ll go with you, if you simply lead her. But you can’t take her just yet.
You still have to neutralize any potential objections from her peer group that you’ll be stealing her away from them.

Tell her group of friends, “Your friend and I like each other. I’m going to just borrow her for a few minutes. That’s cool with you guys.”
Telling her group, “Your friend and I like each other,” may seem bold, but it's actually based on cold fact at this point. She’s given you repeated signs of interest (I like you) and you’ve screened and accepted her (I like you back).
So when you tell her friends, “Your friend and I like each other,” the Object of Your Desire will give you no resistance.

Telling her group, “I’m going to just borrow her for a few minutes,” simply paces the action so that they won't be surprised when she disappears... and won't go looking for her when she does.
And telling the group, “That’s cool with you guys,” gets her group’s verbal, explicit permission for you to snatch her away and neutralizes any cock-blocking they might otherwise give you. If you’ve already demonstrated social value to the group, it’s highly unlikely that her friends will say no.

Step three - Building Bond and Connection

Now that you have her separated from her group, take her by the hand and lead her to a quieter place in the club.
Now’s the time to build that intimate sense of bond and connection with her. Why will it work now?

1. You already have social value to her.
2. She likes you. She’s been giving you signs of interest.
3. She knows you like her and that she had to work to earn your interest (screening and acceptance).
Now you need to show her that you’re not just an interesting club guy, but that you’re a REAL HUMAN BEING.

First, SIT DOWN with her.
Second, DROP the social value building techniques of social proofing, teasing, ignoring, balls busting, zany stories, psychological games, cocky posturing, and all that.
You ALREADY have HIGH social value to her. Doing more will just slow things down at best, trip things up at worst.

The point of Bond and Connection is to show her that you’re a NORMAL guy, not just a club guy. You’re about to reveal to her a little bit of your true, inner SOUL.
Third, once you have her isolated and sitting down with you, adjust your Nonverbal Sexual Cues.

Project the energy of sharing your soul and deep intimacy with her. Imagine that you’ve known this girl forever and she’s already your girlfriend. Imagine a tangible energy between the two of your bodies, like an electric current.
Your Nonverbal Sexual Cues will automatically adjust to the new frame - bedroom eyes, smiling up close, deep eye contact, your body and face completely turned toward hers, slow breathing, husky voice, and warm body heat.

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