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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where to bring her on the first date?

Hey guys,

Ok I assuming you able to setup a date. But before that have you ever thought of.. where should you bring her to? Is it a right place to meet up? Now, you should think properly..

Most of the guys:
- invite her to a movie
- invite her to a concert
- invite her to a classy restourant
- invite her to a club

Well, no worry.. I did the same as you last time. I want to clarify something here,
the above ideas is not a right or wrong facts or an argument. Is just not a good place for the first date. You can still ask girls out for a movie on the first date. No harm.

My advice or suggestion are don't ever bring your women to a movie, clubs or a fancy dinner on the first dates. First things is you don't know her well yet. Unless you 2 have knew each other for a long time. Secondly you don't know what types of movie she likes. She may not like going to club either. So, what's the catch over here? the catch is you may screw things up. I am sure you wan to have a good impression on the first date right?

It is advice that you have your first date on a coffee shop, near around her place, not too crowded so that you both can have some conversation. And use this opportunity to know her more, by then you will find out more what she like and what she want. And also find out that whether this woman is the right woman you really want to get along with.

Women love guys to talk about women themselves. Talks about their hobbies, dreams and fantasy. Be cautious and stay focus on what they said. Women love men who pay attention on them. Trust me there is more you need to know on the first date...

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Ok guys.. is quite late over here. I've been working for whole day.. so i'll stop here.

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Thank you,

Warmest regards,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting prepare for your first date!

Hey Guys,

Have you think of what you should prepare before going out for the first date?

Before going out:

- Comb your hair
- Cut your fingernails
- Iron your clothes
- Brush your teeth
- Casual wear will do
- Put some cologne
- Shave
- wear a clean shoes

Make sure you get it all done before meeting your date. Why?

Women will not interested with a guy who do not pay attention to himself. I mean the looks of tidyness. If you dont care about yourself. How you going to take care of your women. This is what women have in mind.

Just imagine if you meet a girl with bad breath, dirty fingernails, her hair never comb properly.. How you will feel about her? You have your answer ... :P

So guys bear in mind.

If you guys like to give some comment please do so. Write me a few lines. Or you have something to share.. I'll appreciate it.. I am sure everyone feel the same too...

P/S:These tips not just apply on the first date.. for every dating success this must be done.

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