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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Building "Connection" with a Woman - Step 1

Angelion:" I personally found out that below tips is quite useful.. You can use it " Right Away "

Virtually all women want to feel an intimate sense of bond and connection with their man in a relationship.
So a lot of guys naturally attempt to establish that sense of bond and connection with a girl right away.

They approach a girl at a bookstore or club and attempt to establish deep rapport right away by eliciting her values or doing an incredible connection routine.
Unfortunately, they walk away brushed off by the girl and scratching their heads as to what they did wrong.

What went wrong is that they tried to establish an intimate bond and connection TOO SOON.
Yes, getting deep rapport with a girl is necessary - eventually.
But NOT at the first moment you meet her.
If you try for bond, connection, and deep rapport at the first moment you meet a girl, it will blow up in your face.

Because you don’t have enough Social Value to the girl yet.
It’s not that women don’t like that building that sense of bond and connection with a man. They LIKE it. They WANT it.
They just want to do it with a man with equal or higher social value than themselves.
If you jump directly into Bond and Connection (B&C) routines and material right away without establishing any social value first, you’ll just come across as another “nice guy”.

Step one - Build Social Value with a Girl
First, you have to build your social value to the girl. As I’ve discussed in detail before, there are many ways of doing this:
1. Social proof - she sees you talking with other hot girls

2. Nonverbal Sexual Cues - good voice, strong body language, eye contact, etc.

3. Ignoring social pressure - you walk right up to her, ignore everybody else extremely confident and brash

4. Your visual style - how you're dressed, groomed, etc

5. Demonstrating value obliquely - winning over her friends, telling cool stories, palm reading, etc

6. Disqualifying yourself - ignoring her in front of her friends

7. Screening her - make her earn your acceptance
Once you’re in her group of friends, have built social value for yourself, and screened her and accepted her, she’ll begin giving you signs of interest – touching you, smiling at you, turning her body to face you, attempt to initiate conversation with you, and so on.
This is the point – once you know she likes you – that you want to establish that deep, intimate, bond and connection with her.

To be continue... Step 2

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