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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Women Want

Dear Friend,

Have you ever struggling and ask yourself what women really want?

After many years of experience, let me tell you a little small secrets of mine that I had discovered. Ok without further delay let me reveal my little secrets.

Dating girls is all about Confidence, Attraction and Seduction. All 3 factors come with one elements. Which is call EMOTION.

Ok! Why I Say That?
-In order to get her fall in love or to make her want you.. You will need to trigger her emotion, emotion = feeling..

- Make her feel Relax with you
- Make her feel Happy with you
- Make her Comfortable with you
- Make her Care about you
- Make her Miss you and etc...

Can you see all the words I bold? There are all related to the emotion.
# In order to date a girl, you'll need to TRIGGER HER EMOTION.

#Nothing is too late, so Start Learning Now.

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Best Regards,

Monday, May 19, 2008

China Earthquake Victims in Sichuan, Cheng Du and more...

Dear Friend,

If you have been watching the news lately... You will noticed there was a disaster happened in China. Let us put down our own perceiption... and have a clear look on this tragedy.

On 12th May 2008, a power earthquake has struck China's south-western Sichuan, Cheng Du and more... Many more have been injured after this 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Tens of thousands of injured and homeless awaiting for helps.

More then 12-Thousand peoples buried alive when the building Collapse.

Many have lost their friends, their love one, family... Just Imagine that love one leaving us... what you will feel?

Little children only be save after 68hours..Thanks God. But many children's died also in the school buildings during the class hour.

Let's us pray for them.

And now, let's us reach out and helps the unfortunate victims.

Join efforts in helping China Earthquake victims to re-build their homes and lives. Google will donate $2 million, including $1.7 million from

Tsinghua Challenge Education Foundation is a subsidary foundation of SVTN(EIN/Tax ID: 77-051-4995, 501(c)3 approved public charity). It is a non-profit organization registered in California with IRS 501 (c)(3) status.

Once your donation has been made, you will received a confirmation details via email notification and even print it out as a reference. Your donation will be tax deductible.

Help Them Now!

A cents of Donation could means a lot to them. DONATE NOW!!! and save thousands more of lives and rebuild their homes.

Thank you,

Best Regards,'
Angelion K.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tea Session " How to attract women "

Hey Guys,

You all must be wondering what is this tea session about. Ok Just a quick description for all fellow guys here. From now on, whenever you see the title starting with Tea Session, me myself will expose some of my personal life dating or social life issue. Which mean all this is real, what I have heard or experienced... not just only theory from other reference.

Tea Session
Date: 29th April 2008
Time: 1030pm
Area: Coffee Shop

How to attract women
I was having a small drinks with my friends. 2 girls 2 guys. One of the girl name Elaine, she told me that she was putting a fragrance that she used to be using when she waas 17 0r 18. She is 25 now. She take her wrist and put near my noise ask me to smell it.. And she mention that she herself felt like being 17 or 18 again when using back the same fragrance.(Bring back many memory)

(My friends Elaine also told me that she love men putting fragrance.. it was sexy she said and sometimes make her feel arouse too.)

Oh My God Did You Hear That!

Tips 1. Girl is very sensitive with smell. It can make her FEEL young again. In another word YOU CAN ALSO MAKE HER FEEL ATTRACTED ON YOU USING THE SECRET "SMELL". Girls like men who have a good smell.

Girls will straight away notice someone behind her from 5 to 7 feet only by smelling itself.

So, from now on. start getting yourself a fragrance.

P/S: Dont over put the fragrance too. Slighty get 1 or 2 drops on your finger tips and put it beside your neck and your inner wrist will do.

By then You will be the first who get notice. Or perhaps some girls will get attracted on you soon. Trust me. I 've experienced it myself too.

Ok since this post is getting too long. I'll stop here for now.

Should you have any problems, questions or comments.. please do not hesitate.. write to me. I'll be happy to help you.

Warmest Regards,

Angelion K.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where to bring her on the first date?

Hey guys,

Ok I assuming you able to setup a date. But before that have you ever thought of.. where should you bring her to? Is it a right place to meet up? Now, you should think properly..

Most of the guys:
- invite her to a movie
- invite her to a concert
- invite her to a classy restourant
- invite her to a club

Well, no worry.. I did the same as you last time. I want to clarify something here,
the above ideas is not a right or wrong facts or an argument. Is just not a good place for the first date. You can still ask girls out for a movie on the first date. No harm.

My advice or suggestion are don't ever bring your women to a movie, clubs or a fancy dinner on the first dates. First things is you don't know her well yet. Unless you 2 have knew each other for a long time. Secondly you don't know what types of movie she likes. She may not like going to club either. So, what's the catch over here? the catch is you may screw things up. I am sure you wan to have a good impression on the first date right?

It is advice that you have your first date on a coffee shop, near around her place, not too crowded so that you both can have some conversation. And use this opportunity to know her more, by then you will find out more what she like and what she want. And also find out that whether this woman is the right woman you really want to get along with.

Women love guys to talk about women themselves. Talks about their hobbies, dreams and fantasy. Be cautious and stay focus on what they said. Women love men who pay attention on them. Trust me there is more you need to know on the first date...

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Ok guys.. is quite late over here. I've been working for whole day.. so i'll stop here.

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Thank you,

Warmest regards,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting prepare for your first date!

Hey Guys,

Have you think of what you should prepare before going out for the first date?

Before going out:

- Comb your hair
- Cut your fingernails
- Iron your clothes
- Brush your teeth
- Casual wear will do
- Put some cologne
- Shave
- wear a clean shoes

Make sure you get it all done before meeting your date. Why?

Women will not interested with a guy who do not pay attention to himself. I mean the looks of tidyness. If you dont care about yourself. How you going to take care of your women. This is what women have in mind.

Just imagine if you meet a girl with bad breath, dirty fingernails, her hair never comb properly.. How you will feel about her? You have your answer ... :P

So guys bear in mind.

If you guys like to give some comment please do so. Write me a few lines. Or you have something to share.. I'll appreciate it.. I am sure everyone feel the same too...

P/S:These tips not just apply on the first date.. for every dating success this must be done.

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Thank you,

Warmest Regards,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get A Girl Friends Before Valentine

Hey Guy, Valentine is near around the corner. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Valentine Day.

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Thank you,

To you dating success,

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What you should prepare before meeting any women!

Hey Guys, check out the video clips below, I personally found out that it was quite useful. Is talking about "What YOU should prepare before meeting any women".


Give yourself 10min. Have a break and enjoy the video.

If you have any question please write me a comment below. And I'll try to solve your problems.

Thank you,

Best Regards,