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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tea Session " How to attract women "

Hey Guys,

You all must be wondering what is this tea session about. Ok Just a quick description for all fellow guys here. From now on, whenever you see the title starting with Tea Session, me myself will expose some of my personal life dating or social life issue. Which mean all this is real, what I have heard or experienced... not just only theory from other reference.

Tea Session
Date: 29th April 2008
Time: 1030pm
Area: Coffee Shop

How to attract women
I was having a small drinks with my friends. 2 girls 2 guys. One of the girl name Elaine, she told me that she was putting a fragrance that she used to be using when she waas 17 0r 18. She is 25 now. She take her wrist and put near my noise ask me to smell it.. And she mention that she herself felt like being 17 or 18 again when using back the same fragrance.(Bring back many memory)

(My friends Elaine also told me that she love men putting fragrance.. it was sexy she said and sometimes make her feel arouse too.)

Oh My God Did You Hear That!

Tips 1. Girl is very sensitive with smell. It can make her FEEL young again. In another word YOU CAN ALSO MAKE HER FEEL ATTRACTED ON YOU USING THE SECRET "SMELL". Girls like men who have a good smell.

Girls will straight away notice someone behind her from 5 to 7 feet only by smelling itself.

So, from now on. start getting yourself a fragrance.

P/S: Dont over put the fragrance too. Slighty get 1 or 2 drops on your finger tips and put it beside your neck and your inner wrist will do.

By then You will be the first who get notice. Or perhaps some girls will get attracted on you soon. Trust me. I 've experienced it myself too.

Ok since this post is getting too long. I'll stop here for now.

Should you have any problems, questions or comments.. please do not hesitate.. write to me. I'll be happy to help you.

Warmest Regards,

Angelion K.