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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Building "Connection" with a Woman - Part 2

Step two - Isolate Her from Her Friends

Once she’s giving you signs of interest, you'll want to get her AWAY from her friends.
While you needed to engage her entire group of friends to establish your social value, once you have it, her friends will actually HINDER the coming Bond and Connection phase of the seduction.

To establish that deep rapport of bond and connection, you'll need to get the girl ALONE and talk with her one-on-one.
Separating her from her friends is rather easy to accomplish.
First tell the Object of Your Desire (OYD), “Hey, I have the coolest thing I’ve just got to show you this…”

This is a curiosity hook. She’ll ask you, “What is it?”
Tell her that you can’t show her here… it’s too loud or that you need to show her in private.
Now she’ll go with you, if you simply lead her. But you can’t take her just yet.
You still have to neutralize any potential objections from her peer group that you’ll be stealing her away from them.

Tell her group of friends, “Your friend and I like each other. I’m going to just borrow her for a few minutes. That’s cool with you guys.”
Telling her group, “Your friend and I like each other,” may seem bold, but it's actually based on cold fact at this point. She’s given you repeated signs of interest (I like you) and you’ve screened and accepted her (I like you back).
So when you tell her friends, “Your friend and I like each other,” the Object of Your Desire will give you no resistance.

Telling her group, “I’m going to just borrow her for a few minutes,” simply paces the action so that they won't be surprised when she disappears... and won't go looking for her when she does.
And telling the group, “That’s cool with you guys,” gets her group’s verbal, explicit permission for you to snatch her away and neutralizes any cock-blocking they might otherwise give you. If you’ve already demonstrated social value to the group, it’s highly unlikely that her friends will say no.

Step three - Building Bond and Connection

Now that you have her separated from her group, take her by the hand and lead her to a quieter place in the club.
Now’s the time to build that intimate sense of bond and connection with her. Why will it work now?

1. You already have social value to her.
2. She likes you. She’s been giving you signs of interest.
3. She knows you like her and that she had to work to earn your interest (screening and acceptance).
Now you need to show her that you’re not just an interesting club guy, but that you’re a REAL HUMAN BEING.

First, SIT DOWN with her.
Second, DROP the social value building techniques of social proofing, teasing, ignoring, balls busting, zany stories, psychological games, cocky posturing, and all that.
You ALREADY have HIGH social value to her. Doing more will just slow things down at best, trip things up at worst.

The point of Bond and Connection is to show her that you’re a NORMAL guy, not just a club guy. You’re about to reveal to her a little bit of your true, inner SOUL.
Third, once you have her isolated and sitting down with you, adjust your Nonverbal Sexual Cues.

Project the energy of sharing your soul and deep intimacy with her. Imagine that you’ve known this girl forever and she’s already your girlfriend. Imagine a tangible energy between the two of your bodies, like an electric current.
Your Nonverbal Sexual Cues will automatically adjust to the new frame - bedroom eyes, smiling up close, deep eye contact, your body and face completely turned toward hers, slow breathing, husky voice, and warm body heat.

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